Stuck in the magical world of Ohia?
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Don't forget to check the walkthrough on the main blog first!
countthefandoms asked: Specifically I'm in Andermount City. I've traced all the way around all of the soldier and unless I'm completely missing something there's no crystals or way out.

Andermount City exits are far right first area, top-left second area. Up the elevator to Andermount Castle, follow and then far left through to stables and open door.  

countthefandoms asked: Hey, so I've been on Need You Now for quite some time now, I can't seem to find the path through the dead soldiers. Do you have any other directions than are in the walkthrough?

That’s odd. The Dead Soldiers should make out the edges of a path for you to follow (it’s a corner-cutting method to reduce the need to script anything at the edges of those scenes). What location specifically are you in?

Anonymous asked: Hi ! I'm at the wedding part , but i can't find Kurt ! Finn told me that he was town but he isn't ! Help , please ?

Have you checked the walkthrough linked on the main Dalton Games blog? 

Anonymous asked: I can't defeat the suit of armour at the Brennan Mines in the 'Hey, Soul Sister' task. It's driving me insane! Do you have any tips that could help me in any way?

Make sure you’re well-stocked with items and have any party members with healing magic use those as much as possible, pre-emptively whenever possible. Take out the head first, then the arms, then the torso. The head heals the rest of it so it’s your first target. Any all-enemy skills you have are also useful here.

Anonymous asked: Hey I'm playing Blainequest and I'm on the 'Nowadays' part. I just found the shadow on the wall in the first cave with Kurt, but I don't know what to do next, its a dead end!:( Please help me!

Inspect the chest in the previous room, then inspect the shadow on the wall.

Anonymous asked: I still can't find the pin...

Find the quad, head across the quad, go to the bottom-left room in the staircase at the right of the quad. Get the pin shaper from the box. Head up the stairs, exit out the top right (it’s a down-facing exit, not a door). Follow the path around until you get what you need. Return to the quest-giver.

Anonymous asked: Where do I get the warbler pin?

Have you tried the Blainequest walkthrough?

Anonymous asked: Hm, this game really looks like another game I saw back. Is there a place or program to make one like it? It was a Warriors game, it had the same game over thing and saving and the characters looked similar.

It’s made with an engine called RPG Maker and uses a lot of the base elements, so it’s not surprising. 

Anonymous asked: Hello, it seems that Blainequest is a .rar file. I don't know how to download it since there isn't a folder or anything to put it in.

.rar is a common archive format similar to .zip, however unlike .zip it is not natively supported by windows. 

Pop over to or for robust, free (or at the very least never ending trial) software that’ll open it. .rar is a very common format so if you don’t have something to open it now, you’ll probably need it eventually.

Asked: Hey! So I’m on Get It Right, I think. I’m at the point where the walkthrough is telling me I need to interact with this bust, but the door is blocking it, along with these crates. What should I do? 


Answer: The door is actually open! Go down one space and then left.